Master's Introductory Week winter term 2019

Welcome to the Master's Introductory Week. If you start your studies in the computer science master program here at TU Kaiserslautern (TUK) this semester, then you're at the right place!

What is "EWoche" and what happens there?

The EWoche ("EinführungsWoche") is your introductory week especially for computer science students (do not confuse it with the Orientation Course by ISGS which is adressing all international students). Here, you will learn important things regarding your studies and also about other not-so-study-related things which might help you here at TUK. Also, you will meet your fellow students (and future friends)!


Apparently, you made it to this website somehow. Congratulations! The material presented during the EWoche will be available here. Also, feel free to browse through the website. If you land on a page with some German text written on it, then you are probably on the sites for the Bachelor's EWoche. If you speak German or are able to decipher those cryptic German words, then you can learn about what the Bachelor students are doing during their EWoche.

Your EWoche is organized by the department computer science and the Fachschaft computer science (you will learn what this is during your EWoche) who also runs this website.

Leaflet (download) Master_Flyer als Bild (Vorderseite)Master_Flyer als Bild (Rückseite)


Here, you can/will find the the most important information given to you during your EWoche. However, it is highly recommended to still attend the events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

How did you even get here without reading the top of the page (and especially the flyer above)?

What/Where/Who/When/Why is the "Fachschaft" and why is it cool?

See slides below (or outdated here). Just remember that the Fachschaft can give you sooo...o much but we are also happy if we get something from you (for example, in the form of contribution).

Is the Fachschaft room (48-464) open?

(Usually) Yes! To be sure, check the little lock symbol on the top of the website of the Fachschaft. If the door to the building is locked, just call the Fachschaft (number is on the website).

I don't speak German, what should I do?

Learn it! No, seriously. Although you can approach almost everyone on the campus in English and most activities are also for english-speakers, there are some events which are held in German. Also, you will just get more out of your time here in Germany if you know the language.

How do I know what I can eat at Mensa today?

At you can find the current menu with pictures and ratings. There is also an App in your favourite AppStore (it is even available on Windows Phone).

Are there French Fries ("Pommes") at Mensa today?

Yes! To be sure, double-check at

What do I eat if I don't like the Mensa food?

Bring your own food! There is also a grocery store (LIDL) nearby. You can also use the microwave at the Fachschaft to "cook" things yourself. Additionally, you can check the Fachschaft's social media for spontaneous BBQs in the summer.


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Department Computer Science

University TUK

Living at TUK

Generally useful links


Here, you can/will find the slides shown during your EWoche.

General Information

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This page is currently under maintenance. If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the Fachschaft members responsible for international students Marc Dörr or Mohammadali Forouzesh.